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Hello Kennedy Cubs!  My name is Mrs. Shanna Hood, and I am excited to be be your school counselor at Kennedy Elementary School! 

I am at Kennedy on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's. On the other days, I am the school counselor at Jefferson Elementary School.

My job as an elementary school counselor is to provide comprehensive counseling services to promote academic, personal/social, and career development through classroom lessons, small groups, and individual counseling. ISD 77 school counselors are a part of the Response to Intervention (RTI) multi-tiered support system to ensure all students are provided the support they need to be successful in school.

I truly enjoy working with all students and am privileged to be able to support student learning by helping students with their social, emotional, friendship, family change, and mental health needs.

If you have any questions or would like to visit about your child, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I can be reached during the day by calling the main office and asking to speak with the school counselor, or before or after school I can be reached on my direct line.  I am also always available via email.

It is going to be a great year Kennedy Cubs!


Mrs. Hood

Important Information

Kennedy BEST

Proud to be Kennedy Best!

Kennedy  Elementary has a strong culture of commitment and dedication to student success!  Each year we have a school wide theme that helps students: 1) focus on learning,  2) stay committed to academic success, and 3) be excited about progress!  It is our goal that students connect both short and long term academic success with their future.  In fact, we remind them often their hard work helps them to "Get Ready" for their future!  In addition to "Get Ready!", it's likely you will hear Kennedy Cubs saying "I WILL do my best!" and "PROUD to be Kennedy Best!" 

Kennedy students and staff have pride as a result of hard work and achievement.  That hard work has resulted in a Minnesota School of Excellence designation!  Being a Minnesota School of Excellence means Kennedy students and staff CONTINUE to be COMMITTED to hard work and excellence!   

Ask your child(ren) to tell you about the school assemblies in which special guests share their inspirational stories about taking pride in hard work and having a commitment to excellence. You might even want to ask how the Kennedy staff kick off each assembly with a "dancing" start!

Positive behavior choices support learning success!  Kennedy Cubs learn and practice B.E.S.T. behavior expectations in all areas of the school environment. Students know the B.E.S.T. acronym stands for:
B...Be safe and healthy
E...Engage for best learning
S...Show respect for others' learning
T...Treat property with respect

Individual Counseling

School Counselors also work one-on-one with students struggling to deal with friendships, personal concerns, academic issues, or family concerns. This could be a one time meeting or on a more regular, short-term basis. However, school counselors are not licensed therapists and do not provide therapy. The main focus when working with individual students is to support their ability to cope with situations that interfere with their success in the classroom. If a student's needs are beyond what can be provided in the school setting, the school counselor can help families find the appropriate community resources.

Students are able to request to visit the counselor via counseling request slips. The school counselor's promise to each child is to help them the best that we can and to keep our conversations private... that we will not tell other people. But, if a student tell the counselor someone is hurting them, someone else is hurt, or that they want to hurt someone else, we must help them by telling someone else. When we need to tell someone else, we let the student know first as we are here to help them the best that we can.

Small Groups

Small group social skills or support groups provide students the opportunity to further develop skills and gain peer support from other students in their grade or who have similar experiences. Any student may participate in a small group if they have a social, emotional, or behavior need. Group referrals may come from a child's parents/ guardians, teachers, and students themselves. Counseling groups meet for approximately 8-12 sessions and meet every week for 20-30 minutes. Parents/ guardians of students in counseling groups will be notified when the group begins and given information about the specific goals and topics their student's group will cover. Small groups are skills-based and is not group therapy. If more intensive services are needed for a student, the counselor may provide referral options.

Some of the counseling small groups offered include:

  • friendship/social skills
  • positive school behaviors
  • anger management
  • family change/divorce
  • worry management
  • study skill success
  • grief/ loss
  • self-confidence
  • self-control

Monthly Classroom Lessons

Throughout the year, the school counselor visits each classroom monthly and presents various developmental guidance lessons to all students. These lessons are designed to promote student's knowledge, attitudes, and skills in each of the school counseling content areas (academic achievement, career development, and personal/ social growth). Students will receive lessons through out the year based on our district's core values and counseling ELO's (Essential Learner Outcomes). School counselors will supplement with additional lessons as needed to support classroom needs.

September:  Introduction to the School Counselor Lesson
October:  Respect
November:  Collaboration (focus is on working together to solve problems)
December:  Initiative
Tattling vs. Reporting (K-1)
Stand up to and Stop Bullying (2-5)
January:  Engagement
February:  Responsibility
March:  Excellence
April:  Integrity
May: Careers

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About Me

I attended Gustavus Adolphus College for my B.A. degree, and then I went to UW-Stout and simultaneously completed two programs to obtain both my Ed.S. degree in school psychology and MS.Ed. in school counseling.   I started my career as a 7th-9th grade school counselor and school psychologist in Pine City, MN.  After my husband, Drew, and I moved to Mankato, I worked for a few years in another dual role in Mankato Area Public Schools as an assessment specialist and school psychologist.  In 2013 I jumped at the opportunity to work as an elementary school counselor, and I served both Washington and Eagle Lake Elementary schools.  My husband and I have two loving children, Lauren and Gabe. When I am not at work, you will find me spending time and doing activities with my family.